Meow: A Growl Work-Alike for jQuery

jQuery Meow mimics Growl notifications. It can be called within and jQuery bind event and passed various sources for message input, making it ideal for form validation, Rails flash notices, or a replacement for the alert() box.

It's under active development right now and is lacking a bunch of features that are soon to come, including, callbacks.

If you've got something to add, please fork the project on GitHub!

Update: Aug 23, 2011

Some of this is probably outdated. Meow took off much better than I expected. I got mentions on several blogs and have been retweeted a bit. Thanks a lot for all the interest.

Because of this humble success, I promoted Meow to "project-that-I-actively-maintain" status and have given it its own project page. Go there for the latest documentation and everything; this blog post is just awkward to keep current.


Ready Demo

I'll meow upon ready

Click Demo

Change Demo


To get awesome notifications on your website or app:

  1. head over to the GitHub project and download jquery.meow.js and jquery.meow.css
  2. Add them to the head of your page, or just hotlink them from the GiHub demo page.
  3. Add a div with id 'meows' and now all you have to do is $.meow()something like so:
    $('#button')click(function () {
        message: $('#onclick'),
        icon: ''

The jQuery element that you .meow() is your trigger element, so if you wanted the notification on page load, you'd use $(document).

message can be a string or any jQuery selected element. For form fields it will use their value, for other elements it will use their innerText

The icon is pretty self explanatory: you put cat pictures in it.


I extend my most sincere meow to you for visiting. If you like what you see, follow me on GitHub or check out the rest of my site.